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Cookies Policy

About Cookies
Cookies are very small text files placed on your computer by a web server when you view some sites online (not all web sites place cookies). They’re used to store data about you and your preferences so that a web server doesn’t have to repeatedly request this information, potentially slowing download time.
Cookies are commonly used to store personal registration data like your name, your address, the contents of a shopping cart, your preferred layout for a web page, what map you might be looking at, and so on. Cookies make it easy for web servers to personalize information to fit your specific needs and preferences when you’re visiting a website. To learn more about cookies and how to manage them, visit http://aboutcookies.org/.
You can set your browser to refuse all cookies or to indicate when a cookie is being sent, however some website features or services may not function properly without cookies. Please refer to the following links to learn how to disable cookies in your browser:
How to enable or disable Cookies – Mozilla Firefox
How to enable or disable Cookies – Google Chrome
 How to enable or disable Cookies – Internet Explorer
How to enable or disable Cookies – Edge Browser
How to enable or disable cookies – Safari
Types of Cookies
There are two main categories of Cookies:
A. Session Cookies.
Session Cookies are temporary cookies that memorize your online activities. They help you maneuver through the internet by remembering your actions, and they expire as soon as you close out of a web page. Session cookies are deleted immediately after the end of the browser and/or after closing the “browser”.
B. Persistent Cookies.
Persistent Cookies work by tracking your online activities. They remain in the browser for a certain period of time or until you delete them. The cookie’s timeline will vary depending on the expiration date.  But, once that date is reached, the cookie will be deleted, along with everything you customized.
 How we use Cookies
Villa Fulmar uses different types of cookies, each of the, serves different purposes. When you visit our website, we may use the following cookies.

a. Session Cookies: These cookies are essential for the operation of our website as they allow you to browse and use its functions. Without these cookies it would not be possible to provide the operation of our website.

Cookie Type Duration Description
CookieConsentHTTP Cookie1 yearStores the user’s cookie consent state for the current domain
mphb_sessionHTTP Cookie1 yearNecessary for the website’s booking functionality.
wordpress_test_cookie HTTP CookieSessionUsed to check if the user’s browser supports cookies.

b. Functionality Cookies: These cookies allows our website to remember the choices you make and such as language.

c. Third party other technologies: Cookies and These cookies collect information about the user of the website and allow the improvement of its operation. These cookies help in monitoring the performance of the website, the measurement of site viewing (visits).

d. Performance Cookies: These cookies are used specifically for gathering data on how visitors use a website, which pages of a website are visited most often, or if they get error messages on web pages. These cookies monitor only the performance of the site as the user interacts with it. These cookies don’t collect identifiable information on visitors, which means all the data collected is anonymous and only used to improve the functionality of a website.

e. Other technologies: Other technologies may be used for the same purposes as cookies, to inform us when the user visited the website. Through them non-personal data such as your operating system and your browser, or aggregate data can be collected and used to improve the site user experience.

Date: February 2021